Divine Multispeciality Hospital
We deliver the promise of health & wellness.

Welcome to Divine Multispeciality Hospital

Divine Multispeciality Hospital is the first hospital in Lucknow to cater to Trauma & Emergency Services Only Portfolio as its Core Specialty.Through quality medical care, quick service and reasonable charge, the hospital has not only kept people’s faith intact in doctors and hospitals but also transformed thousands of lives.

Advanced Care

With our trained and talented staff, we make sure our patients get utmost care and are made to feel at home, without any inconvenience.

Extensive Consultations

We believe in making sure that each one of our patients is securely tested and examined in every possible manner, to give the most appropriate treatments further.

Hassle-Free Process

While admission in a hospital is considered to be a time-consuming process, our personal support makes it absolutely easy for you.



Divine Opthalmology Department has quality equipment and experienced staff who are proficient in treating all types of eye conditions including cataract.

General Surgery

General Surgery

Super-specialists at Divine Healthcare routinely perform complex surgical procedures and take care of post-operative recovery as well.



Our highly trained & qualified super specialist doctors have expertise in managing wide spectrum of liver, pancreas, biliary, digestive and intestinal problems.


The department comprises of the Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology Unit, infertility and IVF unit and the Fetal Medicine unit to take care of patients.


Internal Medicine

The Internal Medicine unit offers specialized care for the management of chronic health conditions.



Assisted by the In-house MRI and high-resolution CT facilities, Divine neurologists and their team are known for the best neurology care in the region.


Kidney Care

With the increasing numbers of kidney patients, Divine now has a dedicated hospital for Renal Sciences where Dialysis is carried out round the clock.



Offering best-in-class medical services, we use robotic surgery to treat urogenital disorders like stone, prostate enlargement & erectile dysfunction among others.

Neuro Surgery

Neuro Surgery

At Divine Healthcare, our competent neurosurgeons oversee treatment of Brain tumors, spinal cord and vascular lesions require urgent surgical intervention, by using Micro neurosurgical techniques.



Divine Physiotherapy department has quality specialists who are focused on providing patients with freedom of movement & provide the highest quality of life.



Using the latest technology, we offer comprehensive round the clock specialized Urology services for diseases related to kidney & urinary tract such as UTI.


Radio Diagnosis

At Divine Hospital, we have a state-of-the-art Radiology Department with well-trained experts for correct diagnosis of ailments and health conditions.

Why Choose us?

Personalized Care

Our trained nurses & other caregivers provide customized & personalized care to patients

Experienced Surgeons

We have a team of highly skilled surgeons who are experts in performing complex surgical procedure and provide relief to the patients in life threatening situations.

Special Treatment

The hospital provides specialized holistic treatment for chronic conditions to provide complete cure.

Comfort Environment

We provide a highly sterilized and peaceful environment to augment the healing process. The paramedic staff ensure that the patients are provided proper care and are able to resume their normal lifestyle soon.

we go an extra mile to serve you the best.

“To provide compassionate, accessible, affordable, high-quality healthcare services to the community.”


The Emergency and Trauma care at Chandan Hospital is a 24-hour, fully-equipped medical centre.